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Personalise Number Plate Frames (White)

(300 in stock)

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We can personalise your number plate surrounds with any text/logo/design of your choice.They fit standard size New Zealand number Plates.

1~9 frames $30 per pair.
10~49 frames POA
50~99 frames POA
100~249 frames POA
250~499 frames POA
500~999 frames POA
1000+ frames POA

*This orders need quotation which will be billed manually to your email

Our number plate surrounds are so popular because:

- Our prices are great value
- They are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions
- They last long term
- The colours always look fresh and new
- They are crafted to the highest standards with quality materials
- We regularly update our designs so they remain fashionable and trendy
- Meeting customer expectations and requirements is our priority

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